Briefing Leaflet

Operations in High Seas Airspace

Jan 15, 2016


The ICAO EUR/NAT Regional Office in Paris, France has issued European Operations Bulletin 2015_002, effective 15 December 2015. The primary purpose of the bulletin is to promulgate guidelines to airspace users in order to raise their awareness on State aircraft operations under due regard in High Seas Airspace, and in this case to address several coordination issues and operational aspects identified in the Baltic Sea area.

The information contained in the bulletin is a good source of information and refers to the ICAO Provisions as found in the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Doc: 7300) and ICAO Circular 330, Civil/Military Cooperation in Air Traffic Management.

In addition, the bulletin provides the legal background with relevant excerpts from the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) with relevance for Aviation.