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ITF Action Guide on Violence Against Women

Sep 10, 2019


This ITF guide is for unions who want to play their part in ending the scourge of violence against women. Many organizations are already deeply engaged in the struggle against what is currently a growing global problem. With this manual, the ITF hope to inspire more union action by highlighting some of their successes here, and by sharing fresh ideas, information and resources to support your campaigning.

Millions of women worldwide today face physical and mental aggression and brutality – domestic violence and abuse, sexual assault, sexual harassment, violence at work, economic violence and human trafficking. This is a denial of their human rights and fundamental freedoms. They need to know that unions believe women’s rights are human rights, and that trade unionists stand together against violence against women.

​To find out more about work with women transport workers to end gender-based discrimination and violence, please write to [email protected]