Briefing Leaflet

Go-Around, Missed Approach and Balked Landings

Oct 25, 2016


Although aircraft manufacturers, operators and pilots regard it as part of normal operations, performing a go-around, missed approach, or balked landing is a manoeuver which involves changing aircraft configuration, attitude and altitude, whilst complying with tracking, altitude and ATC requirements. Most pilots have experienced a go-around at some point in their career, however when it does happen, it will often come as a surprise to the crew.

A go-around may be conducted due to any number of reasons, including weather below minima, ATC instruction, occupied runway or unstable approach, just to name a few.

It is important to make a proper plan covering all aspects of a go-around during descent and approach preparations based on the conditions of the day.

This Briefing Leaflet provides general advice on go-arounds, missed approaches and balked landings and reminds pilots of the importance of proper planning.

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