Briefing Leaflet

FRMS checklist for Member Associations

Aug 10, 2011


FRMS implemented correctly should enhance safety and additionally permit an operator flexibility to conduct operations beyond prescriptive limits. This is accomplished through an effective reporting system that is encouraged by management to identify fatigue hazards that are then assessed, managed and monitored to reduce fatigue-related risk.

However, improper implementation of FRMS that exploits operational flexibility and profit to the detriment of the improved safety outcomes required will erode safety standards. IFALPA therefore urges all Member Associations to be proactive in robustly monitoring the development and implementation of FRMS regulations by those regulatory authorities who elect to authorize the use of FRMS by operators. Member Associations must also closely monitor the implementation of FRMS by operators and the oversight of FRMS by regulators to ensure the safety objectives intended are actually achieved.

This Briefing Leaflet provides the key points that Member Associations should take into consideration when participating in an FRMS.