Accident Analysis & Prevention (AAP)

The AAP Committee ensures that safety investigation activities result in the development of prevention strategies that contribute to improved levels of safety. To achieve this, the Committee assesses the timely publication of final reports of accidents and their compliance with ICAO Annex 13, monitors the implementation of any safety recommendations, identifies and communicates unsafe trends, and actively promotes the development of non-punitive safety programmes.

SFO Ariel Shocrón
AAP Committee Chairperson

SFO Shocrón flies Airbus A330s and A340s for Iberia, based in Madrid. He is an IFALPA-Accredited Accident Investigator and has held several positions at his home Association SEPLA, including spokesperson and Technical Director.

Capt. Jean-Félix Barral
AAP Committee Vice-Chair

Capt. Barral flies A320s for Air France, based in Paris. He is an IFALPA-Accredited Accident Investigator. He is also the Chair of the Technical Committee of his home Association SNPL-France ALPA.

Capt. Bob Fulton
AAP Committee Vice-Chair

Captain Fulton flies CRJ 900/200 for JAZZ Aviation, based in Montreal. He has been an active member of the AAP Committee since 2009 and was elected Vice-Chair of the Committee in 2018. He’s a also an Accident Investigation Course instructor and serves as Vice-Chair and Chief Accident Investigator for JAZZ ALPA.


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Capt. Uwe Harter
Executive Vice-President Technical & Safety Standards (EVP TSS)
Capt. Arnaud du Bédat
Senior Technical Officer

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