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Request for Mutual Assistance for ASPA de Mexico

May 30, 2022

Dear Colleagues,

ASPA de Mexico has informed IFALPA about the ongoing issues affecting Mexico City International Airport (MMMX) TMA, as presented in IFALPA Safety Bulletin 22SAB11.

During the 76th IFALPA Conference in Singapore, ASPA de Mexico expressed its concerns regarding the issues raised in Safety Bulletin 22SAB11 concerning the issues at Mexico City Airport (MMMX) TMA. The Federation recognises the leading role and critical work ASPA de México is doing to recover the high levels of Operational Safety that are required by the aviation industry as well as proposing the necessary mitigation measures.

While significant progress has been made, it is necessary to consolidate and publish the mitigating measures initially proposed and measure their effectiveness, as well as continuing working on making Mexico’s SSP (State Safety Program) an efficient and effective programme. We call on the Mexican Government to work together with ASPA de Mexico and consolidate this progress on these mitigating measures.

For IFALPA and the worldwide aviation industry, Operational Safety is non-negotiable and must not be influenced by political agendas. IFALPA recognises and values the hard work performed by ASPA de Mexico and calls on the Mexican Government to find solutions to ensure the safety of operations in Mexico’s aviation industry.

As a result of the above, the ASPA de Mexico requests the following Mutual Assistance:

Request for Submissions and Representations (2.4.7)
All IFALPA Member Associations are requested to support ASPA de Mexico by forwarding support letters to Captain Humberto Gual Angeles, Secretary General of ASPA [email protected] and CC: [email protected]

ASPA de Mexico will keep IFALPA and its Member Associations informed of any developments.

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